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Bhair elements

" Our hair tells a story that rarely gets told in the mainstream. Whether it’s coiled, locked, braided or straight, we all deserve to have high-end products that are made for our manes. Bhair elements was founded by experience. I found that wearing showercaps and wetting my edges was not the answer. I then transitioned into using microfiber hair towels to protect my hair from getting wet or for pin curls. It sort of did the job, but I found that it stripped my hair of its natural oils and it would come out very dry and unpolished. It left my hair brittle causing me to have to restyle with heat and product. It brought me to making my own hair wrap for purpose and protection. I was able to prevent my hair from getting soaked in the shower and preserve my oil and tresses with my stretch fabric technology."

-Chanel Lopez, Founder


Bhair elements, founded by Chanel Lopez, is launching a revolutionary new approach to hair care, beauty, and styling. Bhair Elements provides a high-quality, luxurious, multi-function-and conscious series of hair accessories. The brand includes variations of hair/ headwraps and a bamboo hair edge brush. Our hope is to help individuals to gain confidence in their looks, while also helping them to maintain a healthy, day-to-day beauty regimen.

The wraps are handmade to perfection offering 4-way stretch, a one-of-a-kind material, that is flexible and serves multiple purposes and functions. 

Bhair elements  marks a pivotal moment in the world of hair care as it offers an innovative new way for individuals to take control of their image while taking care of their hair at the same time. The founder Chanel Lopez wanted to develop a high-end product as a minority woman after realizing she could not find a multifaceted hair wrap that was healthy for her hair. Bhair elements is set to break barriers in the beauty and hair industry.

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